There have been a number of recent changes to GCSE that will affect students currently in Year 10 and below.

New GCSEs are being introduced which will have a new grading system from 9 to 1.  The introduction of the new GCSEs will be staggered starting with English and maths for current Year 10 students, with other subjects to follow from September 2016.

Exams in almost all subjects will be taken at the end of the two-year course and cannot be taken early or re-sat.  Most subjects will be assessed by formal examination only rather than by controlled assessment or coursework.  In most subjects there will no longer be an option of doing either a foundation or higher exam paper.

There is an increased focus on good spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Students will select the subjects they wish to study for GCSE in Year 9.  Some subjects are compulsory in addition to which students select four subjects of their choice.

Click here to download the Options Booklet containing information on all the subjects available to study at Key Stage 4.