Curriculum Overview

At Forest Hill we combine the traditional values of hard work and academic learning with up to date methods and content. We believe that students achieve their full potential if they enjoy their work and find it stimulating and challenging.

The school offers a broad and balanced curriculum, fulfilling all the requirements of the National Curriculum, while at the same time reflecting as wide a choice of pathways as possible, to cater fully for all levels of aptitude and ability. Parents and students are kept fully informed at every stage through our curriculum booklets. Homework and private study are seen as invaluable to nurturing independent learners.


English is a wonderful subject. The richness and diversity of literature from around the world can take you to places you never knew existed and can engage emotions you never knew you had. Equally, developing the fluency with which you communicate both orally and in writing can be very satisfying and rewarding.

We aim for every student to enjoy studying English at Forest Hill whether at Key Stage 3, for GCSE or at A level. We also aim to engender a lifelong love of reading. We know that students who choose and enjoy a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books develop into the skilled communicators of tomorrow. Keep reading!

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Welcome to the Maths Department at Forest Hill School. I would like to give you a brief summary of the Department. I am particularly proud of the results at all key stages. For the last two years we have averaged 80% grades A*-C at GCSE and last year 17% of students gained GCSE A or A* grades.

We have gained a Centre of Excellence Award in the use of ICT and Mathematics. In addition, we are the major teaching school for Mathematics for Goldsmiths College in their Teacher Training Programme. The ethos of the Maths Department is that Mathematics encompasses all aspects of everyday life and, as such, we focus on the use of Mathematics in the real world and encourage our pupils to become independent learners in the subject. Ofsted found that “The teaching focuses on promoting students’ understanding of mathematical concepts by providing ready examples of how they apply real problems to the wider world” (Ofsted Report Nov 2013). We also focus on the more abstract nature of the subject to prepare our pupils for studying Mathematics in Higher Education and to develop their thinking and learning skills.

We also encourage our pupils to have fun with the subject and take part in National Maths Challenge competitions and Maths Puzzle Club.

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Science at Forest Hill School seeks to provide students with a science foundation that is appropriate to their career goals and with knowledge and skills that will allow them to function as responsible and contributing members of society. This is done through a stimulating and challenging curriculum which puts science into contemporary and relevant contexts.

We aim to:

Develop fundamental understandings of natural systems, develop a fundamental understanding of, and ability to use, the methods of scientific inquiry, prepare students to make responsible decisions concerning science-related social issues, contribute to an understanding and fulfillment of personal needs, thus contributing to personal development, inform students about careers in the sciences.

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The Humanities department at Forest Hill School is a thriving faculty which covers two main subject areas – History and Geography. In the Humanities department we strive to engage and inspire students so that they have a deeper understanding of the world around them enabling them to become knowledgeable citizens and to have greater awareness of their own local community in an ever-changing global setting.

The Humanities taught at Forest Hill School fully reflects the mix of cultures, religions and viewpoints of the students in our community. Students are given opportunities to be creative, discuss openly and reasonably and to improve their skills in reading, writing and communication and we are very proud of the confidence that students develop in terms of forming and voicing their own opinions.

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Religious Education
Modern Foreign Languages

Guten tag!
Buenos dias!

Hello and welcome to the Modern Languages Department.

In this department, we encourage you to aim for linguistic competence, creativity and intercultural awareness, using the most modern technologies for language teaching.

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Physical Education

At Forest Hill, we teach Physical Education to students from Year 7 to Year 11. Our curriculum offer is designed to cater for the interests, skills and demands of all our students and, through it, they are given the opportunity to participate in a range of roles, including as performer, official and coach.

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Design and Technology

‘We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them’
Albert Einstein

Design matters. Amid the challenges and opportunities brought by our rapidly changing world, design and technology is an increasingly important subject. Learning through and about design is essential to a robust and challenging education, enabling students to better understand the man-made world and their role within it.

Design also helps to rigorously prepare students for their future through an understanding of both the intellectual ingenuity and imaginative potential behind the objects we value – and some of those we choose not to. In this way Design and Technology asks students to develop their critical ability as well as understand the history and the possibilities of this fascinating subject.

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Business Studies

The Business Education department aims to provide a variety of routes, both academic and vocational, to allow all students the chance to succeed. Our courses are supported by our extra-curricular offer which enables students to develop their skills by competing at national level in essay competitions, Young Enterprise and the Bank of England Target 2.0 competition.

Both business and economics have the benefit of being subjects which allow all parents to feel able to support their children. Parents can make valuable contributions to their child’s education by discussing their experiences at work or of managing the household budget. We would encourage all students to read a good quality newspaper, watch the news daily and discuss the social, political and economic issues raised at home and at school.

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Computer Science

The ICT Department at Forest Hill School provides the opportunity for students to learn the analytical, interpersonal and technical skills they require to be active participants in an exciting and dynamic world.

To be responsible members of society, students must be aware of the ever-growing impact of ICT. They need to reflect critically on ICT’s role in society and consider its positive and negative effects. The department’s role is to develop skills and attitudes that increase students’ abilities to address the social and ethical issues of technological advancements.

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Our students can take their experiences of the world and transform them through art, making new connections and relationships through their inventive minds. Their knowledge, memories and fantasies all feed their imagination. Art allows children to explore, build on and record their own creative and imaginative ideas.

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We are proud to say that our students are highly motivated in dance and experience a wide variety of dance from around the world at Key Stage 3.

At Key Stage 4, we are one of the few boys’ schools (11-16) in the country to run GCSE Dance. We offer A level Dance for Key Stage 5 in conjunction with Sydenham School.

We work with large-scale institutions such as The Royal Ballet School, English National Ballet and the Royal Albert Hall and smaller scale individual dance artists and dance companies. We have a close partnership with the Laban Centre for Dance in Deptford that enables us to offer further dance development for our students.

“It can be a huge force for good, effectively drawing people together and leveling everyone through sheer hard work. It can speed up your heart rate, it can enliven your being, it can change your life”.

Richard Alston (Choreographer) CBE

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Drama is a thriving subject at Forest Hill School, with many opportunities for students to express their creativity both in lessons and after school. Drama is a fantastic opportunity for students to develop their inter-personal skills through collaboration with others, to explore their own imaginative responses, to tackle issues in today’s society and to develop confidence through discussion and performance. Every student can succeed in Drama with confidence, creativity and cooperation.

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We are very proud to have established a strong and high profile music department within Forest Hill School. Widely recognised as a pioneer and leader in music education we have the credibility of being a Musical Futures Champion School and have been a hotbed of musical talent for many years.

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Media Studies

The media is a hugely important influence in society: we all interact with TV, news, the internet, movies and games on a daily basis. Media Studies at GCSE gives students the tools to interpret the messages that surround us and make sense of the world we live in.

Media Studies provides students with genuine skills they can take to the workplace: project management, team working, creative design and communication. Production work requires discipline, commitment and creativity – attributes that every employer will value.

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Personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education is a planned programme to help children and young people develop fully as individuals and as members of families and social and economic communities. Our goal at Forest Hill is to equip young people with the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and practical skills to live healthily, safely, productively and responsibly.

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